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Does on your heart is telling you that you are missing something funny,nostalgic,hilarious,break the 4th wall and reference on your childhood?

Do you miss classic cartoon KidsWB Show from the 95´ ,less year 2000´?

Here are you seen all the good Freakazoid episodes converted in gameboy advance video to watch and crack some laught!

Hope you enjoy it ,like it,share with your friends and check all my gba videos i just made!

and let a comment down bellow what do you think! 

and P.S, is never a too late to watch a nostalgic and childhood cartoon shows is now or never!


Freakazoid Episode Terror in High School Handman.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid Episode A Matter of Love.gba 26 MB
Freakazoid Episode Candle Jack Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet The Lobe .gba 27 MB
Freakazoid episode Freak Episode a Panel Tomb of Invisibo .gba 27 MB
Freakazoid episode Heroboy.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid episode In Arms Way the Cloud.gba 26 MB
Freakazoid episode Mission freakazoid.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid Episode Mo RonThe Sewer Rescue The Big QuestionThe Legends Who Lunch.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid Episode RelaxOVision Terror on the Midway Fatman and Boy Blubbe rLimbo Lock UpTerror Palace.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid episode Statuesque .gba 27 MB
Freakazoid episode the Freakazoid.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid Episode The house of Freakazoid Sewer or Later.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid Episode The Island of Dr Mystico.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid episode The Wrath of Guitierrez.gba 27 MB
Freakazoid Finale episode Normadeus.gba 27 MB

Install instructions

You need a GBA emulator to use this file! on your phone or your PC!

1.All you need to do is watch and don't press any buttons,because it will restart the video all over again!

2.For pausing the gba video,on Phone: menu button  on Pc:Cntl+P

3.And if there is a issue about this gba file,let me know!

4.For any recommendation for some videos in GBA,let me know!


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Hi,  i just wondering, what is the longest time duration you can import on video gba?

i can make some gameboy advance videos under 18 or 28 minutes even short minutes videos!

That's Cool!  i got an idea, are you able to make hentai video gba?  

(also why is my profile picture still frog?) 

i had some hentai gba file for a long time and maybe i will post them and i know this website is compatible with NSFW 18+

you can add a picture and change it

thank you so much! 

and also depends of the videos that are longer then 1 hour,i need to split in some parts to make that works!