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UPDATE: I just wanna say is i been posted on this website for over 5 months some of my all project gba (Gameboy advance ) videos and i seen is been over more the a 1000 download that a lot of people love my stuff for all i did on my 2 years and half for all the test i did,

I Just wanna say for all the the people who read this message  for you; THANK YOU! it was a good moment that i made with fun,pride,joy,tears and work who love the nostalgia and memories flow in our soul

 Now i add is a Rayman Revolution Cutscene for PS2 which is a remake of classic Rayman 2  the great escape for ps1,dreamcast or N64,PC with all new dialogue,cutscenes,minigame new everything on PS2.

P.S.: i will make more Gameboy advance video for all of you ,If you like it check of my twitter for ``Art`` only art, check for my other rayman videos ,like it share it and enjoy all of them with dear!


Rayman Revolution PS2 Cutscenes part 1.gba 23 MB
Rayman Revolution PS2 Cutscenes part 2.gba 22 MB

Install instructions

You need a GBA emulator to use this file! on your phone or your PC!

1.All you need to do is watch and don't press any buttons,because it will restart the video all over again!

2.For pausing the gba video,on Phone: menu button  on Pc:Cntl+P

3.And if there is a issue about this gba file,let me know!

4.For any recommendation for some videos in GBA,let me know!

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